Subverting The Conventional Drying Concept--Microwave Dryer Goes Further and Farther in Industrial Application

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Modern microwave dryer is to use the characteristics of microwave to apply and develop in various industries. At present, the main applications include:

1. Food and health food industry. Microwave dryer can be used for sterilization, dehydration, drying, puffing, seasoning, deodorization, thawing, aging and preservation of food and health food. At present, it has been used in the production of milk powder, cheese, strong bone meal, ginseng balls, soybean meal, moon cakes, cakes, instant noodles, beef jerky, dried meat, dried fish fillets, fish floss, shellfish, salted duck, thawed fish and poultry eggs, pickles, potato chips, cashew nuts, peanuts, melon seeds, soybeans, liquor, rice wine, beer, milk, oral liquid and traditional Chinese medicines.

 health food microwave dryer

2. Wood processing. High-power microwave dryer is used for drying 2-10 cm thick boards. It has the advantages of fast drying speed, non-cracking, small deformation and killing the eggs and larvae inside the wood. The wood for medium and high-grade furniture, flooring and packaging materials is most suitable. Microwave can also be used to solidify bamboo-wood composite boards and splints.

 wood microwave dryer

3. Insecticidal sterilization. Microwave dryer heating technology can be used to sterilize and kill insects in low humidity. If food and materials are treated by microwave, it can play an insecticidal and sterilizing role at 50-80 degrees. At present, it is widely used in rice, cereals, beans, tobacco leaf processing, bamboo, wood, paper, food, medicine and other industries.

 rice microwave dryer

4. Rubber industry. Microwave drying technology is applied to rubber vulcanization process in rubber industry, which combines with conventional heating and heat preservation to greatly improve the time and efficiency of rubber vulcanization. At present, it is widely used in Hengshui and Shandong provinces.

rubber microwave dryer


5. Ceramic industry. High temperature of microwave dryer can be used in ceramic industry. Combining traditional heating with microwave heating can greatly shorten the drying time of ceramics without affecting the yield of ceramics.

 ceramic microwave dryer

6. Coal drying. Coal mining usually has a high water content (about 35%). If conventional drying method is used for drying, the drying speed is slow, the efficiency is low, and the drying is not complete, microwave drying method can make both inside and outside of the coal temperature rise simultaneously, which is water evaporation, dehydration and drying, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

 coal mining industry microwave dryer

Plasma technology of microwave dryer has been used in semiconductor manufacturing process, which can be used for etching, sputtering, vapor deposition, silicon oxide wafer, surface treatment of metals, alloys and non-metals, high temperature sintering of ceramics, plasma spectroscopy analysis, detection of more than a dozen elements, and decomposition of toxic compounds.


8. Microwave medical waste disposal technology. Microwave technology is used in anaerobic or anoxic conditions to rapidly raise the microwave carrier to high temperature, which makes medical waste in a very short period of time in a high temperature state, directly ashing, greatly reducing the production of toxic gases in the combustion process. The gas in the flue gas is cracked at high temperature by microwave plasma torch, and the whole treatment process and treatment environment are completely closed and harmless. The application of this technology is superior to the conventional processing method, and it opens up a new field of microwave application.

 medical water microwave treating machine

9. Sewage treatment. It is a new revolution in the field of water treatment to select microwave-absorbing "sensitizers" to transmit microwave energy to pollutants by microwave dryer in water and induce chemical reactions. The pollutants in water are degraded, transformed and separated by physical and chemical actions, so as to realize the purpose of sewage purification.


10. Microwave Carbon Making. Using microwave technology to crack bamboo at high temperature to produce bamboo charcoal can greatly improve production efficiency. At the same time, bamboo vinegar, bamboo tar and other products can be extracted. It has high economic value and is superior to traditional kiln method to produce bamboo charcoal. At present, it is vigorously starting to promote the use of bamboo charcoal.


Subverting the traditional drying concept, advantages of microwave dryer are recognized and proceed by many different factories from industries.

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