How to Solve the Problem of Almond Opening-Microwave Tunnel Drying System Help You

When we eat dried fruits, such as walnuts, Hawaiian nuts, pine nuts, almonds, watermelon seeds and so on, the most common problem we encounter is that there is no opening or the opening is too small to peel smoothly.

At present, the traditional method of frying dried fruits can crack the opening when heated to a certain temperature, but the traditional method of frying takes a long time, the opening is small, and even some can not open. So some factories choose Almond Microwave Tunnel Drying System to solve this problem.

Comparison of Traditional Stir-frying Method and Microwave Stir-frying Method

Microwave Stir-frying Drying Method

Traditional Stir-frying Method

As a result, more and more factory choose microwave drying and frying machine in their production. 20-150KW machines are used for different working capacity, PLC control could fulfill the automatic drying, temperature and power adjustable.  

Almond Microwave Tunnel Drying System

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