About us

KOOMIC is a professional manufacturer and supplier of food processing machine and industrial microwave dryer machine since 2004, with ISO and CE certificate

Our main products line include industrial microwave dryer machine,food processing machine, like food extrusion machine, oil soya meal meat processing machines, ,pet food machine etc...

To be top one manufacturer in China,our company has high-quality professionals, adhere to “create value for customers, growing up with customers” business philosophy, production of packaging machine with reasonable design, manufacture precision, easy operation, superior performance characteristics.

Cooperating with customs from more than 80 countries and districts, we provide excellent quality .microwave dryer and food processing machines. We have a group of experienced experts and outstanding engineers who do provide the professional service delivery and installation. Based on the clients specific requirement, we also design and produce the machines to order, meanwhile OEM service available.

We view customer need as our need, customer request as our request

We are not only the machine supplier, we are our customer’s friend, we are the sincerely long term cooperator for mutual benefit. All your inquiry and opinions are highly appreciated



Contact: Joanna

Phone: + 156 2880 2621

Tel: 0531-82608061

Email: info@koomicrowave.com

Add: No.2 Wolong Road,Huabei Industrial Zone,Licheng,Jinan,China

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